Steelhead in the Northwest

You wouldn’t know it from looking at these photos, but I actually caught a nice steelhead–and my cousin Brandon caught a bunch. Dad and uncle Kevin weren’t as lucky. We had a very good, very cold time on the river. steelhead NW-2-2 steelhead NW-2-3 steelhead NW-2 steelhead NW-3-2 steelhead NW-3-3 steelhead NW-3 steelhead NW-4-2 steelhead NW-4-3 steelhead NW-4 steelhead NW-5-2 steelhead NW-5-3 steelhead NW-5 steelhead NW-6-2 steelhead NW-6 steelhead NW-7-2 steelhead NW-7 steelhead NW-8-2 steelhead NW-8 steelhead NW-9 steelhead NW-10 steelhead NW-11 steelhead NW-12 steelhead NW-13 steelhead NW

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