A Thanksgiving Hunt

Last fall, I spent Thanksgiving in Montana where I hunted deer with my cousin Brent and with my father, and was fortunate enough to harvest a doe that I brought back with me and that tastes wonderful. For some people, hunting images are disturbing or crass, and for some hunting images are noble, iconic, heroic even. My goal in taking these kinds of pictures is simply to show what happens while hunting–that there is humor and beauty and joy and sorrow and death, of course, and I don’t wish to ignore any of that. Hunting is innate and primitive and utterly real in a way that few pursuits or experiences are.

thanksgiving hunting-3thanksgiving hunting-2thanksgiving huntingthanksgiving hunting-7thanksgiving hunting-6thanksgiving hunting-5thanksgiving hunting-4 thanksgiving hunting-8 thanksgiving hunting-9thanksgiving hunting-4-2 thanksgiving hunting-3-3 thanksgiving hunting-3-2 thanksgiving hunting-2-3thanksgiving hunting-2-2thanksgiving hunting-3-4thanksgiving hunting-2-4 thanksgiving hunting-10

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