Sundarbans Tiger
“Sundarbans Tiger.” 20 x 30″ oil on canvas. The Sundarbans is a huge area of mangrove forests in Bangladesh where the Ganges River, Brahmaputra River, and Meghna River flow into the Bay of Bengal. It is also the home to some 100 bengal tigers. Available through Cole Gallery
“Hayden Valley Bull.” Oil on canvas. 60″ x 72.” The Hayden Valley in Yellowstone is home to bison, elk, grizzlies, coyotes, and wolves. It is also where the artist was nearly trampled by a bull bison while trout fishing in the upper Yellowstone River. Available through Cole Gallery.


Forest Springs Bison
“Forest Springs Bison.” Oil on canvas. 40″ x 30.” Forest Springs in a hot pot area in Yellowstone National Park that is wooded with pine trees. Available through Cole Gallery.


The Flame of the Forest
“The Flame of the Forest.” 72 x 60″ oil on canvas. The flame of the forest is another name for the bright orange blossoms of the dhak trees that grow in many of the jungles where tigers still live. Here, it also references William Blake’s famous line, “Tyger, tyger, burning bright.” Purchase through Cole Gallery.


Temple Tiger
“Temple Tiger.” 36 x 36″ oil on canvas. The Temple Tiger is a reference to the story of the same name, written by the legendary conservationist and hunter Jim Corbett in 1954. Corbett loved tigers but was often called on to hunt the man eaters of India—tigers that preyed on people usually due to injuries that prevented them from hunting deer and antelope. The Temple Tiger was the name given to a man-eater that Corbett hunted for many days but never killed. Available through Cole Gallery.


Cold water
“Cold Water.” 30 x 20″ oil on canvas. Purchase through Cole Gallery.


Firehole Canyon
“Firehole Canyon.” 20 x 16″ oil on board. The Firehole River runs through heart of Yellowstone National Park and owes its name to the steam that rises from it like smoke. Purchase through Cole Gallery.


Geyser Basin Buffalo
“Geyser Basin Buffalo.” 72 x 40″ oil on canvas. Purchase through Cole Gallery.
Malayan Tiger
“Malayan Tiger.” 36 x 24″ oil on canvas. Only 300 or fewer Malayan Tigers still live in the wild. The Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington, is where the model for this painting lives. He is an old male, named Bumi. Purchase through Cole Gallery.
Cadmium Buffalo
“Cadmium Buffalo.” Oil on canvas. 72″ x 60.” Cadmium is a heavy metal that used to be regularly used in paint because of the rich depth and vibrancy it lent to colors, especially yellows and reds. While true cadmium yellow, orange, and red paints can still be found, most companies now substitute other less toxic compounds for cadmium and instead list their paints as “cadmium yellow hue,” for instance. Such is the case with all of the paints that the artist uses. Available through Cole Gallery.
Sulfur Creek Bison
“Sulfur Creek Bison.” 20 x 30″ oil on canvas. Purchase through Cole Gallery.
Fossil Ridge Wolf
“Fossil Ridge Wolf.” Oil on canvas. 60″x60.” Fossil Ridge is a little known high open slope in the Gravelly Mountains in Montana. In 2008, I was hunting elk there with my father when an enormous black wolf stepped into the snowy open. The wolf was so big that at first I thought it was a cow elk. For a few seconds we stared at each other, then the wolf loped off the ridge and disappeared in the forest. A beautiful and surreal animal and an unforgettable encounter. Contact the artist for price and availability.
Phantom Lake Wolf
“Phantom Lake Wolf.” Oil on canvas. 30″ x 40.” Phantom Lake is located on the Blacktail Deer Plateau in Yellowstone National Park. Available through Cole Gallery.
Sunrise. 24″ x 36″ oil on canvas. $2500. Available through Cole Contemporary Gallery
Chromatic Springs
Chromatic Springs. 36″ x 24″ oil on canvas. $2500.
Gunsight Lake Grizzly
Gunsight Lake Grizzly. 24″ x 30″ oil on canvas. $2400. Available through Cole Contemporary Gallery
Dust Bath
Dust Bath. 40″ x 60″ oil on canvas. $4000. Available through Cole Contemporary Gallery


Butting Heads
Butting Heads; 66″ x 66″; oil on canvas; $6,000
In the Mist; 58″ x 62″; oil on canvas; $5,400